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Basic Information

Attorney Ma Jun is a Senior Partner of River Delta Law Firm and Director of the Beijing Branch. His main practice areas are labor law and company law.

Attorney Ma Jun engages in labor law and company law practice research, mainly for the multinational companies, providing advice on labor employment compliance and risk management, as well as reorganization and adjustment work, and recruitment management. Mr. Ma also provides his expertise in resolving major labor disputes and dealing with the legal support, especially group and special employment staff. He has rich experience in respect of compliance management and project risk management for the enterprise to provide customized legal training.

Clients: Schneider Electric SA, Microsoft (China), Amazon China, Siemens China, Ericsson (China) Communication, BMW Brilliance Automotive, Lenovo, China Mobile etc.

Working languages: Chinese, English



Conflict and Harmony - Labor Dispute Prevention and Treatment

River Delta Labor Golden Key Series, C&B and Performance Management

Main Duties

The China Enterprise Confederation and China Entrepreneurs Directors Association maintenance enterprises and entrepreneurs' legitimate rights and interests work committee.

Achievements and Rewards

The 18th annual CHINA talent (CHINA STAFF Awards) annual title of "outstanding labor attorney"

Recent Work

Factories closed staffing projects a multinational company, April to June, 2016.

Structure adjust staffing projects a multinational company, June to July, 2016.

M&A staff resettlement project a multinational company, September to December, 2016


Tianjin University, PHD

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Law Postdoctoral