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Sun Zhendong

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Basic Information

Sun Zhendong is a Senior Partner of the River Delta Law Firm and the director of the Center for Finance Law.

Mr. Sun worked as a civil servant in Beijing and Shanghai for eight years, and as a senior manager of listed companies for eight years, and also practiced in Shanghai Shenda Law Firm. He has abundant experience in legal practice and social practice and he is highly regarded for his strong professional capabilities around laws, agencies and enterprise management, providing practical legal risk solutions for clients. His professionalism and dedication have earned him a great reputation within the profession. Mr. Sun is innovative, has a great sense of honesty and credibility, and works conscientiously.

In particular, Mr. Sun is known for his skills in handling financial legal affairs (mortgages, finance leasing, guarantees, pawn, microfinance), company legal (contract disputes, stock ownership incentives, stock right transfers, due diligence, risk control, listing and restructuring), real estate (selling, leasing, mortgages and inheritance) and civil and commercial legal services (marriage and family law). Mr. Sun is known for his skill in providing solutions to major legal obstacles and for providing as much certainty as possible for his clients.

Recent Work

Mr. Sun has held the position of legal adviser to more than a dozen large enterprises, such as Credit China Holdings Limited, Shanghai Ann Motto Financial Information Service co., LTD,

Shanghai Juliu Information co., LTD, Shanghai Yintong Pawn co., LTD, Giant Financing Lease (tianjin) co., LTD, Ailaide Machinery (shanghai) Co., Ltd., Junling International Group .LTD,

Shanghai Pathways Quickly Built Network Service Outsourcing co., LTD and Run Fast Communications Group co., LTD. He has dealt with hundreds of lawsuits、hundreds of major non-litigation affairs and successfully agented a number of foreign-related arbitration and litigation cases that have major social impacts.


East China University of Political Science and Law,LLM