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Wang Qi

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The Basic Information

Robin Wang, senior partner at River Delta Law firm and the director of Shenzhen branch .

He has been committed to providing   labor law service for a long time.  With rich experience , he is good at  analyzing and summarizing the new trend and  new features of Labor law service.Also, he will provide customized law service to meet the different requirements of the customers .

During his professional practice, in addition to dealing with  conventional counsel of labor law ,he also lead a team to work for the special requirements customers raised,including constructing overseas recruitment system,disposing companies large-scale relocation, managinghuman resource of merger and acquisition, the compliance audit of management system of labor relationship, setting upknowledge base of harmonious labor relations,setting up system of key employee management and so on.


Law Management of Human Resource

Main Duties

Labor law  counselor of Shenzhen Association of Enterprises

Recent Work

Presiding  the project of OSRAM Lighting Group subsidiary of equity mergers and acquisitions and employee placement projects, 11.2015-11.2016.

Presiding over PING AN Insurance Banking Investment’s human resource management's effectiveness project,03.2016-02-2017.

Presiding the project of the Tencent group competition restriction trace, 06.2016-10.2016

Presiding over the project of auditing the legitimacy of Electronic Technology Corporation’s labor relationship, 09.2016-02,2017.