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Wang Xianfeng

Senior Partner

+86 21 5888 3253-828


Practice Areas

Wang Xianfeng  is a Senior Partner of River Delta Law Firm. He is specialized in the legal practice of economic crime, duty crime, dispute resolution, etc.

Wang Xianfeng used to work in Shanghai Huangpu People’s Court as a judge, acquired lawyer’s qualification certificate in 2000 and started practicing as a lawyer since 2001. During his working at civil court, he handled thousands of various civil lawsuits. He specialized in disputes over equity and civil contract, criminal cases, etc. He is familiar with court’s trial practice and judicial work and is outstanding on litigation and dispute settlement.

Wang Xianfeng’s clients include Citi, Siemens, B&Q, Philisense, Laibo Cosmeceuticals, etc.

Work Experiences
Wang Xianfeng joint River Delta Law Firm in 2008.

Representative Transactions
Representing a defendants of Meihua Hospital in a criminal case of selling counterfeit medicine;

Represented Shanghai Fanxin Insurance Agency against allegations of fraud in financing series cases;

Represented an automobile manufacturing company to deal with  duty of occupation of its employees;

Represented Tohei Sangyo Co., Ltd. against unfair competition;

Participate in  Chengtai Financial Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. equity incentive project;

Participate in clearing project of Siemens MWB Instrument Transformer Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Siemens in China.




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