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Shang Wenxue

+86 21 5888 3253-819


Basic Information

Mr. Shang has been practicing in the legal field for more than ten years, with a focus on construction and real estate, corporate legal affairs, and criminal defense. Many of the cases he handles are very complex and have great social influence. Additionally, Mr. Wenxue has been interviewed by Law Today of CCTV and other legal programs, inAHTV and SHTV, on account of his reputation as an expert in the legal field.

Recent Work

Mr. Shang’s clients include government agencies, public institutions and well-known companies such as Mitsubishi Corporation, Hankook Tire, Transpo Electronics, China Construction Fourth Engineering Division, Amhui Construction, Anhui Construction Third Engineering Division and Shanghai Yatai Construction Group.


Mr. Shang has published a number of papers in national core journals such as Law Science and Political Science and Law.


Anhui University