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Zhang Hongbo

+86 21 5888 3253-847



Basic Information

Zhang Hongbo is a Partner of the River Delta Law Firm and a Member of the China Democratic League.

Mr. Zhang worked in large state-owned enterprises and private enterprises as the legal counsel for many years. He has engaged in the legal profession for more than 10 years, dealing with a large number of civil cases of economic contracts of the litigious and non-litigious legal affairs. Mr Zhang has abundant practical experience and a profound knowledge of legal theories, as well as a high standard of professional ethics. He regards protecting clients’ interests as his primary job. Mr Zhang is an expert in corporation’s legal affairs such as handling labor relationships, management of contracts, management of accounts receivable, protection of business secrets, anti-unfair competition, franchise, trademarks and patents.


Recent Work

Provided legal service to a number of small and medium-sized enterprises for years.



Fudan University