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Wang Xinyue

+86 21 5888 3253-830



【Basic Information】

Ms. Wang is a legal assistant of the Labor Law Center I. Before joining River Delta Law Firm in 2015, she assisted the lead defense counsel Mr. Richard Harvey of Radovan Karadzic case at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (UN-ICTY).

Ms. Wang works with senior lawyers and partners to provide legal opinions for foreign companies, preparing various legal documents in English, dedicating in project design, meetings with and negotiations for clients. She excels in comprehending and analyzing complicated facts and making hard things simple.

【Recent Work】

Dedicated in the Employment and Labor Audit for one of the world’s largest fiber and polymer companies at its China sites

Dedicated in the China-exit project for one of the longest history British banks

Dedicated in drafting bilingual Employee Handbook for the China offices of a world-renowned knowledge process outsourcing company.


University of Groningen (Netherlands), LL.M. International Economic and Business Law