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Zhao Feng

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Basic Information

Zhao Feng, attorney of Shanghai River Delta Law Firm.

Zhao Feng has conducted legal career for 10 years. Zhao Feng worked in large companies as a legal consultant and manager of a legal team. He helped companies set up and complete management system and contract facilitating process. He also handled large amount of labor issues, commercial litigation and arbitration. Since 2014, Zhao Feng has become an attorney of the River Delta Law Firm. He specializes in infringement, contract disputes, company organization, commercial related litigation and consultancy. Zhao Feng is able to provide legal service in relation to risk prevention in many commercial sections and commercial dispute resolution. 

Recent Work

Providing legal consultancy to middle and small sized companies in Shanghai

Document preparing and participating bidding negotiation in relation to Shanghai metro and commercial land

Litigation on property disputes in Huangpu District Court

Execution of judgment issued by Pudong District Court


Bachelor Degree in University of China Politics and Law