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Tan Minlu

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Basic Information

Tan Minlu is a lawyer from River Delta Law Firm. She graduated from the Southwest Petroleum University Law School of Civil and Commercial Law Direction, with rich practical skills and experience. Since she commenced practice, adhering to the "self-built, Yu Jun reliable" service concept, Ms. Tan has strived to adhere to the "professional, attentive, efficient, excellent" service requirements in dealing with every case. She is especially good at contract disputes, infringement disputes, labor disputes, corporate law Consultants and other aspects of legal affairs.

Ms. Tan has a solid understanding of legal theory and logical thinking, enabling her to accurately and quickly grasp the key to the cases and the esoteric legal issues through daily life. She interprets legal principles in a simple and easy way, and according to the different circumstances of the commissioned cases, tailor-made for the client’s needs and targeted to solve the problem. This effectively safeguards the parties’ legitimate rights and interests, which is highly appreciated by the parties.


Southwest Petroleum University, Undergraduate Bachelor of Law.