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China's Labor Law & Covid-19


How the pandemic is impacting the law, and what it means for your business.
Join us on March 10 18h30, online or in-person to learn more about Chinese labor law and Covid-19!
We are all too aware of the pandemic and its ravaging effects on society. Over a year ago the PRC begun implementing control measures to handle the, at the time, epidemy. Some questions arising then are still of actuality, such as the management of employee’s quarantine. Additionally, new questions arose with the beginning of vaccination.
 In China, is it compulsory? If so, for who? How should employer handle the matter? Should they make it mandatory for employees? In that case, if an employee refuses to get vaccinated, is it ground for dismissal? These legal issues will increase significantly in 2021, and employers should get ready ahead of time to handle them properly to reduce their legal risks.
During the presentation, the following points will be discussed:
1. Brief introduction to Chinese labor law
2. HR management of employees in quarantine
3. Is the vaccine compulsory?
4. What employers can and should do regarding vaccination?
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Mr. Licheng Shen
Partner, River Delta Law Firm
White Space, No. 700 Tan’an road (E), 6F, h8, Shanghai
Online: A Zoom link will be provided
Time & Schedule
March 10, 2021 at 18h30 (Shanghai time)

Registration 18h30-19h00
Presentation 19h00-19h30
Q&A 19h30-20h00
Networking 20h00-20h30
This event is a joint effort between China Business Circles, a community of PTL Group, and River Delta Law Firm. China Business Circles is a cross-industry forum and community for managers operating in China. PTL Group provides management and operational support for foreign companies’ entry and growth in China.


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