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Jingbo Lu Published by LawAsia


The article of Mr. Jingbo Lu, Founding and Managing Partner at River Delta Law Firm, has been published in the September e-Newsletter of LawAsia. The article, The Impact of the New Civil Code on Human Resource Management, discusses the implications of the new Chinese Civil Code on the management of human resources:
“As a human-centred law, it (the Civil Code) intersects with human resource management, especially its general rules, contracts, personality rights and tort liability. The more intersections, the more impacts for enterprises, yet, these impacts are not scattered, but multifaceted and systematic; there are many opportunities and challenges. So how does the Civil Code affect the human resource management of enterprises? What are the main impacts and which ones are the opportunities and the challenges? What kind of response measures do companies need to take to effectively grasp opportunities and handle challenges? This article will try to answer the above questions.”
Click here for the full article in LawAsia’s e-Newsletter.
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From attending a conference in Tokyo to speaking in Chennai and Siem Reap, Mr. Lu has been an active member of LawAsia since 2017.
Mr. Jingbo Lu and Mr. Normand Gauthier at the 30th LawAsia Conference in Tokyo, 2017

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