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RDL Participates in Forum on Senior Executives in London


On February 4th, Ms. Cathy Qu, Vice-President and Senior Partner at River Delta Law Firm, attended and participated in the International Forum of Senior Executive Advisers. Ms. Qu discussed on “Negotiating International Senior Executive and Founder Exits” breakout session alongside lawyers from the Netherlands, United Kingdom and United States of America.

What are the key legal and tactical issues that exiting senior executives and founders need to consider when negotiating their exit, including where they have equity and other incentive equity arrangements to consider and significant tax issues to address too? These issues become even more complex where the individual is employed and working across a number of jurisdictions, and where there may be significant reputational issues for themselves or their organization relating to their exit. This panel will take a multi-jurisdiction and disciplinary approach to handling negotiated executive and founder exits.
As one of the few speakers from Asia and the sole one from China, the contribution of Ms. Qu provided unique views on the topic. With over 150 attendees, the Forum was a success and Ms. Qu received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the audience, other speakers and the forum’s organizers.
River Delta Law Firm works with many multinational companies and gives a great importance to create and nurture an international mindset for the firm and our lawyers. Joining international events, such as this forum, to share with the world’s best employment lawyers is part of why we are an international Chinese employment law firm.
River Delta Law Firm is thankful for the kind invitation of the English employment law firm CM Murray. It was a pleasure to share topic from the perspective of Chinese law, and it was equally a pleasure to learn other countries laws and share different perspective.
Both CM Murray and River Delta Law Firm are proud members of the International Employment Law Alliance Innangard. Beyond the joy of sharing knowledge in such events, River Delta can provide an international employment law expertise through this network.

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