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RDL Third International Forum Was a Success


We are pleased to announce that on the 23rd of October 2019 River Delta Law Firm successfully organized a third Forum on employment legal risks and practices for multinational enterprises.  Following the success of the previous two River Delta Law Firm international forums, the third Forum focused on top employment risks of Mainland China and Asia-Pacific region, presenting alongside their countermeasures and precise legal solutions.
The event took place in the beautifully located the Ritz-Carlton Pudong hotel, overlooking the river and the vibrant streets of Pudong.
The first part of the discussion focused on the 10 top challenges and responses for domestic enterprises. The main objective of this part was to fully explain the four characteristics of group-oriented enterprises. Mr. Jingbo (Jason) Lu, Founding & Managing Partner of River Delta Law Firm, presented the most important challenges such as:
  • Clarification of labor relations;
  • The application of local regulations;
  • The choice of disputed jurisdiction, off-site social security payment;
  • Uniform contract agreements, the development of rules and regulations;
  • Infra-group mobility, combination of employment methods;
  • The cooperation of enterprise trade unions, and the compliance with overseas workers.
After a short tea break, Ms. Cathy Qu, Senior Partner and Vice-President of River Delta Law Firm, and Ellen Zhong, Partner from Beijing Branch of River Delta, walked the audience through the complexities of a hot case study for employment compliance management and risk control of group enterprises. They discussed the most common difficulties in multinational company compliance, presenting examples of objective circumstances, abuse of job advantages, employee’s crimes and punishment; trade secrets violations; false reimbursement; the Thousand Person Resettlement Project.
The afternoon session of our third Forum started with a part lead by River Delta’s Founding Partner Mr. Lu who talked about top ten legal challenges and responses for overseas employment for group enterprise. The main challenges covered by Mr. Lu’s speech included topics such as religion, legal environment, cross-border dispatch, pay, dismissal protection, discrimination ban, anti-sexual harassment, occupational safety, privacy protection and traded union organization.
Afterwards, Ms. Tina Wang, Head of International Labour Law Centre, gave an insightful presentation of the APAC Labor and Employment Compliance Management System of Multinational Group. She discussed in details about APAC Labor Compliance, labor compliance control system design and process construction, and compliance review. 
Finally, Ms. Faye Pei, Head of International Investment Center, gave the last presentation focusing on the important topic of challenges and responses for overseas investment of multinationals. She explained and described in detail the biggest challenges and responses that may be encountered in the overseas investment at all four stages: the early stage, transaction stage, operation stage, and exit stage.
River Delta Law Firm is extremely proud to see our third international Forum attracting such a talented crowd of labor & employment law experts, legal practitioners and human resources executives.

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