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Jingbo Lu Selected as Top HR Think Tank


On the 12nd of September 2019, the Top HR group held an event to promote the further progress of human resources in China and to give appraisal to the main talents leading the development of the industry. During the event two lists of top talents were released:
Top 100 Individuals of 2019 Chinese Human Resources Services
Top 100 Individuals of 2019 Chinese Human Resources Management


Without the industry's leading enterprises and talents, it would be impossible to strengthen the role of the market in the allocation of human resources, improve the management system, optimize human resources and provide quality human resources services.

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Jingbo Lu, Founding & Managing Partner of River Delta Law Firm, was selected by Top HR as a “Top HR Think Tank” expert. In his role, he will share his knowledge through trainings with Top HR and play an important role in improving China’s human resources management as well as promoting social progress.


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