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The Legal 500 - RDL Shanghai Employment Forum 2019 successfully held


On the afternoon of May 21st, The Legal 500 - RDL Shanghai Employment Forum 2019 on the 15th floor of the HSBC Bank building. Following the success of Shanghai Labor Law Forum of 2018, River Law Delta Law Firm once again held this forum with Legal 500, who is a famous legal rating agency. Mr. Ben Lovell, Director of Legal 500 Business Development Department, Ms. Bei Zhao, Editor of China, Mr. Jingbo Lu, Director and Chief Partner of River Delta Law Firm, Cathy Qu, Vice Director and Senior Partner, Bella Bai, Director of Centre II and Patner and other lawyers participated in the forum. The forum attracted the participation of lots of legal directors, human resouces directors and related management person of well-known companies.

Ms. Bei Zhao, Editor of Legal 500 China, presided over the entire meeting and made a speech with Jingbo Lu, Director of River Delta Law Firm. The opening speech of the forum was made by Jingbo Lu, which was entitled “The latest development of China’s labor legislation, justice, law enforcement of enterprises and its inpact on employment of company”. The speech showed the latest development to guests from nine espects such as increasing the supply of human resouces, making flexible employment methods, enlarging the independent authority, protecting asset safety, controlling labor costs, coordinationg the functions of union, regulating the behavior of employee, unifying the application of law and optimazing the dispute resolution.

The second part of forum was hosted by Xinli Ma, Supervisor of International Cooperation, Development & Service Department of River Delta Law Frim. Lawyer Cathy Qu and Bella Bai made the speech on the themes of “Dismissal and compliance” and “Trade Secrets and Non-competition”. First, Cathy shared the topic of Dismissal and Compliance. Through her experience in labor law for many years, Cathy summed up several common point in corporate compliance management, namely commercial bribery and unfair competition, protection of trade secrets, conflict of interest, job encroachment, personal information security and protection of privacy, discrimination and harrasmant in workplace. Later, under the form of analyzing cases, Cathy shared the key points and difficulties of dismissal and gave useful suggestions in practice related to several common non-compliance behaviors of employees.

Next, Bella Bai shared the topics of Trade secrets and Non-competition. In terms of Trade Secrets, Bella analyzed detailedly in definition of trade secrets, the way in which trade secrets are infringed, the transfer of duty of proof and new penalties under the background of the amendement of Anti-Unfain Competition Law. In the part of Non-competition, Bella explained the compensation, the exercise of the right to terminate, the consequences of breach of contract and the duty of proving. Finally, Bella gave the corresponding practical advice. After several rounds of intense discussions and Q&A sessions, the forum was coming to an end. Director Jingbo Lu and Bella Zhao made closing remarks respectively.

Due to the limited time in the forum, conversation of the labor law besides Huangpu River ended temporarily, but more connection and cooperation could be expected.

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