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River Delta & Hanhai Holdings Group Buisness and Information Exchange on Domestic and Foreign Investment.


River Delta Law Firm hosted Hanhai Holdings Group, a business accelerating, and investment company based out of San Jose, California - with international offices in Europe and China.

Ma Xinli, of River Delta’s International Corporation Development Department, gave a presentation to Hanhai Investment on the fundamentals of Chinese Labour Law. Xinli’s conclusion of her presentation, and the questions from Hanhai that followed, were particularly focused on how Chinese Labour Law affects businesses looking to invest in China. A subject of particular interest were the differences between American and Chinese employee regulations; explaining that a main characteristic of Chinese Labour Law is its more protective elements.

River Delta’s, Dr Gong Xinyi gave a short lecture on: ‘Current Trends in Foreign Investment Policy’; underlining the current socio-economic climates in the West, how their foreign policies and attitudes affect China, her businesses, and what this means for foreign investment. Most importantly Dr Gong Xinyi surmised the new policy changes to the “Foreign Investment Entry Special Administrative Measures (Negative List)”. This policy, which forbid foreign investment in certain crucial sectors, was recently relaxed; the new open-minded policy expresses China’s willingness to welcome non-nationals, both socially and economically. Both presentations led to energetic and thought-provoking Q&A sections between the companies, and fostered a good environment for information exchange.


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