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Shanghai Labour and Employment Law Forum 22nd May 2018: Hosted by River Delta Law Firm & The Legal 500


Held at the opulent Grand Central Hotel, the Shanghai Labour and Employment Forum 2018 was a resounding success!

The event was joint-hosted by River Delta Law Firm and The Legal 500; a prestigious and widely-cited ranking agency and facilitator of business relationships across the Asia-Pacific region, and the world.

It comprised of two Discussion Points, delivered by the Director and Chief Partner of RDL, Jason Lu. These were followed by some additional incites, provided by a panel of Senior RDL staff: Shen Jun, Cathy Qu and Sun Lin. The audience were then invited to ask any questions they may have, which prompted a series of rigorous and enlightening discussions.

The two Discussion Points covered were: 1) How the application of high technology could influence labor and employment management, legislation and judicial practice in China and 2) How the New era’s political, economic and legal environment could influence Chinese labor and employment legislation and judicial practice.

By the end, everyone seemed to be in agreement as to the day’s utility, importance and energy. The day was topped-off by a lottery draw and refreshments.

Well-done to everyone who was involved, the hard work paid off. Also many thanks to the guests, who listened so intently and shared so openly – you truly made the day!



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