Dispute Solving Solution

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Dispute Solving Solution
Range of Service :
  • Providing constructive and operational proposals for dispute prevention. 
  • Representing clients in lawsuits and arbitration cases, including pre-pleading investigations, applying for protection measures, instituting litigation/arbitration, pleading and filing counteraccusation/ counterclaims.
  • Mediation and reconciliation for disputes.
  • Applying for compulsory execution of court judgements and arbitration verdicts.

  • Representing Citibank in business disputes over loans without security and debits by credit card.
  • The guarantee contract disputes between Mr. Guo and China Honglou Group.
  • Representing B&Q in contractual disputes over purchasing and sales.
  • Representing Mr. Zhao in disputes over smuggling goods and articles.
  • Series of criminal cases of illegal absorbing public deposits and fraud of Fan Xin Insurance Agency Ltd.