Dispute Solving Solution

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Dispute Solving Solution
Range of Service :
  • Providing constructive and operational proposals for dispute prevention. 
  • Representing clients in lawsuits and arbitration cases, including pre-pleading investigations, applying for protection measures, instituting litigation/arbitration, pleading and filing counteraccusation/ counterclaims.
  • Mediation and reconciliation for disputes.
  • Applying for compulsory execution of court judgements and arbitration verdicts.

  • Representing an international bank in a series of financial loaning disputes on unsecured loans and credit cards
  • Guarantee contract dispute between Mr. Guo and a delivery company in Shanghai
  • Representing an international home furnishing company in a series of sales contract disputes
  • Representing national army in a series of ceasing of providing for paid services
  • SRepresenting a national corporation in a series of real estate dispute
  • Providing legal services for a business area construction project
  • Representing the shareholder in a shareholders' taking of joint and several responsibility arising from abuse of corporate personality case
  • Equity transfer dispute of a technology company