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Type of Services



Five in One & Specific People for Specific Responsibilities




The specific consultant team will, in the way of phone call, email, conference call, work report and door-to-door services, provide prompt and professional legal opinions for the legal issues enterprise HR departments, legal departments, compliance departments encounter in their daily management, draft and review legal documents, help enterprises to comply with laws in managing labor relations and prevent labor disputes.


Specialized Legal Services

We provide comprehensive legal services with regard to labor contracts, rules and regulations, recruitment, management of special employees, trade union, collective bargaining, and employee placement and lay-off during business shutdown, dissolution, merger & acquisition, and relocation.



A specialized team of lawyers will help enterprises deal with labor disputes, seeking to settle disputes through consultation and negotiation. We also represent enterprises in arbitration and litigation. Meanwhile, we render constructive opinions to enterprises with regard to the root causes of disputes and prevention of similar cases.



A team of specialists keep working on practical legal training courses which cover all aspects of HR management. We provide highly individualized training for enterprises through seminars, summits, salons, public lectures and internal training, by which to help enterprises strengthen the ability to prevent and control legal risk, and reduce employment risk and labor cost.



Our lawyers from Research and Development Center provide services including interpretation of new labor laws and regulations, Q&A and typical case studies, by which we help enterprises to understand the hot and difficult legal issues and gain an insight into judicial and legislative trend in the area of employment law.