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RDL has more than 100 employment and labor lawyers. Many are law professors and Ph.D. instructors with overseas practice experience. Some used to work as judges or public servants in Social Security Bureaus.



The Headquarter of River Delta Law Firm is located in Shanghai, with Beijing as its second headquarter. We have also established branches in Suzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin Ningbo. Meanwhile, River Delta has established long-term cooperation with agencies in Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xi'an, Xiamen, Qingdao, Wuhan and Changsha, becoming an employment law firm whose practice covers the most regions in China. RDL opens its representative office in San Francisco Bay Area in 2016, and is in the first footsteps of internationalization of PRC labor and employment law firms.



Focusing on one particular area: employment law. River Delta has long been focusing on employment law and endeavoring to provide its clients with most intensive and meticulous legal services, and actively participating in employment law legislation.



Types of services:
 Five in One & Specific People for Specific Responsibilities


  • Consultation:The specific consultant team will, in the way of phone call, email, conference call, work report and door-to-door services, provide prompt and professional legal opinions for the legal issues enterprise HR departments, legal departments, compliance departments encounter in their daily management, draft and review legal documents, help enterprises to comply with laws in managing labor relations and prevent labor disputes.

  • Specialized Legal Services:We provide comprehensive legal services with regard to labor contracts, rules and regulations, recruitment, management of special employees, trade union, collective bargaining, and employee placement and lay-off during business shutdown, dissolution, merger & acquisition, and relocation.

  • Representation:A specialized team of lawyers will help enterprises deal with labor disputes, seeking to settle disputes through consultation and negotiation. We also represent enterprises in arbitration and litigation. Meanwhile, we render constructive opinions to enterprises with regard to the root causes of disputes and prevention of similar cases.

  • Training:A team of specialists keep working on practical legal training courses which cover all aspects of HR management. We provide highly individualized training for enterprises through seminars, summits, salons, public lectures and internal training, by which to help enterprises strengthen the ability to prevent and control legal risk, and reduce employment risk and labor cost.

  • Information:Our lawyers from Research and Development Center provide services including interpretation of new labor laws and regulations, Q&A and typical case studies, by which we help enterprises to understand the hot and difficult legal issues and gain an insight into judicial and legislative trend in the area of employment law.



Scope of Services:
 Comprehensive Human Resources Legal Services


  • Strategy and Planning

  • Entry and Departure

  • Training & Development

  • Wages and Performance

  • Working Hours and Holidays

  • Safety Concerns and Precautions

  • Special Employee Management

  • Trade Union and Collective Bargaining

  • Drafting and Reviewing of Rules and Regulations

  • Global and Regional Coordination

  • Dispute Resolution

  • Trade Secret Protection

  • Economic Crimes and Duty Crimes



Successful Cases:
 High value-added solutions


  • Employee placement project of Albea during its process of factory relocation 

  • Employee placement project of a machinery company during its process of factory shutdown 

  • Employee placement project of a logistics company involving over 10,000 employees

  • Special service for an electronics company - Negotiation with employee's family 

  • Employee placement project of a famous chemical company in Suzhou 

  • Employee placement project of a Fortune 500 company during its process of production line transfer 

  • Human resources compliance audit project of the headquarter of a fortune 500 company

  • Competitive restriction tracking project of a fortune 500 company

  • The labor disputes between Air Products and Chemicals and employee on false reimbursement

  • Representing Shanghai Roche in labor disputes on compensation payment in lieu of notice

  • Representing Shanghai Chengjian Supply in labor disputes on confirmation of labor relationship

  • Collective disputes between a famous E-commerce company and its employees 

  • Representing a fortune 500 manufacturing company in labor disputes during its process of strategic shift

  • Business secret dispute with huge indemnity of a software company

  • Representing a well-known company in a claim for high compensation for an employee who committed suicide during a depressive episode during work time

  • Classic lectures include but are not limited to the following:

    a)Enterprises flexible employment strategy and action plan

    b)Analysis on classic cases and cases revised at second instance of the year

    c)Typical types of forcible right protection by employees and coping strategies in practice

    d)Year-end summary: Regulations•Issues•Expectations•Practice

    e)River Delta•Labor Law Annual Conference

  • We have provided internal trainings for more than 600 large domestic and foreign-funded enterprises, some of which are listed as follows: BMW Brilliance, Bank of China, HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Siemens, Baosteel, CMCC, SAIC Motor, YKK, Shanghai Electric, Continental Automotive, SPDB, Schneider, TNT, Bank of Shanghai, HSBC Jintrus, Decathlon, ADP, ZF, TJAD, CITIC Pacific and other large domestic and foreign-funded enterprises.