MA & Liquidation

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MA & Liquidation
  • Designing and optimizing transaction structures;
  • Conducting legal due diligence investigations;
  • Drafting and negotiating term sheets, drafting equity and asset acquisition, merger, spin-off and split-up and related agreements;
  • Assisting in information disclosure, governmental filings, approvals, and registrations;
  • Assisting in completion and closing;
  • Legal services on restructuring, dissolution, liquidation, etc.

  • Equity Acquisition of Fuji Electronic Ltd.
  • Asset Acquisition and internal restructuring of a German Machinery Manufacturing Tycoon
  • Merger of corporations for the Affiliated Companies of Pensafe (Canada) Ltd.
  • Liquidation of Jin Feng Yuan Paper (Shanghai) Ltd.
  • Liquidation project of a German Fortune 500 manufacturing company's subsidiary in China